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How to Cope with a Layoff


It’s a relief to know that jobs are more secure today than they have been in the last twenty years, but that doesn’t mean that layoffs aren’t on the horizon. If you’ve been following the recent events in the media, you’ve seen thousands of individuals lose their source of income in the last few months alone.

Thankfully, there are a few ways employees can anticipate and handle a layoff in Arizona if they were to experience one.

How to Anticipate a Layoff
Whether you’ve heard rumors around the office or you’ve seen budgets reduced dramatically, layoffs can sometimes be seen a mile away. If that’s the case, here are a few strategies that you can work on to prepare:

  • Make Yourself Visibly Invaluable: Demonstrate your willingness to grow, improve, and strive for greater results. By showing your enthusiasm for helping the business succeed, you’re proving that you are an invaluable member of the team.
  • Review Your Financials: How long can you and your dependents survive before you need another source of income? Take a look at your company’s severance package, your savings, and employment income policies to determine how you can appropriately allocate your resources moving forward.
  • Start Updating Your Resume: When was the last time you had to refresh your resume? More likely than not, your skills and experience have improved since then, so it’s a good time to update it.

How Can NACOG Help?
Last year, NACOG was an integral partner in growing a talent pipeline for a new Prescott area employer and we made significant financial and human investments to help them grow.
Unfortunately, many obstacles got in the way and they had to lay off more than 30 employees. However, YAVAPAI@WORK also offers layoff aversion, job replacement, and access to occupational education programs, so we were able to assist 28 of those individuals in finding gainful employment with other employers in Yavapai County!

It’s a challenge to attract and sustain qualified individuals to our area because employers have such a high demand for talent. Fortunately, the individuals who were laid off were highly qualified, so this created an excellent opportunity to provide talented individuals for employers while presenting opportunities for the individuals to further their careers without relying on Unemployment Insurance or other state services. NACOG is passionate about finding employment for every individual we work with!

There is nothing more upsetting in a professional context than a layoff, but there is hope for a greater tomorrow! Reach out about our career assistance services at 928-778-1422 or visit us online. We look forward to helping you transition to the next phase in your life.