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Providing the Help You Need to Succeed Through COVID-19

We can help

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives here in America, and with stay-at-home orders having kept customers at home, local businesses are struggling to make ends meet.

Yavapai@Work has spent the last few years supporting business owners and workers, and we are stepping up to do what we can to help.

Keep reading below to see our newest supports and services for Yavapai business owners.

Financial Aid for Recovery

Local businesses are the foundation of Arizona’s economy, and we want to make sure that they stay strong and stable throughout this crisis.

While we wait for COVID-19 levels to lower and stay-at-home orders to end, Yavapai@Work is busy creating funding programs and resources for local business owners. These include resilience planning sessions to assess the needs of the business and access to resources for loan/grant options.

We are also proud to announce that we are developing a wage subsidy program that will reimburse employers for temporary and long-term employee wages, as well as an incumbent worker training program to cover 50% of wages for re-training staff.

Attracting New Employees

On top of our funding supports and subsidy programs, we will be helping business owners attract talented workers from across the nation.

Need to fill a position in your company right away? Our team will be happy to provide you with the latest in national labor statistics to see what fields are training and where workers are looking to grow their careers.

Yavapai@Work also has access to national job posting boards and websites, and we will post whatever openings you have to get you the greatest number of applicants.

This pandemic is causing economic instability all across our nation, but the only way we can come out stronger than before is by working together. If you are working to keep your business afloat, get access to the support you need by calling Yavapai@Work today at (928) 778-1422 or visit our website to see our programs for yourself.