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What COVID-19 Recovery Looks Like for Arizona Businesses in 2021

Covid 19 Recovery

2020 was a turbulent year, and many businesses were hit hard by COVID-19. With Arizona showing a demand to reduce restrictions on businesses, the time is now to begin your strategy for recovery and growth. Continue reading to learn how YAVAPAI@WORK  is helping small businesses rebound in 2021.

Relaxed Restrictions Heading Into January

Due to the impact of the coronavirus in 2020, small businesses did not have the time to adjust to this new economic climate. Many employers had to lay off their employees and consolidate their business—or even worse, shut their doors entirely. 

Employees and business owners have been facing months of uncertainty, but there is hope on the horizon. With reduced restrictions coming into place in January, there is an opportunity to rebound from the downturn with an effective recovery plan that is accompanied by current CDC Guidelines.

Phase 1B Vaccine Rollout Coming Mid January

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the risk for businesses, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) has updated its second phase of vaccination distribution (1B) to prioritize older Arizonans sooner. Based on national data from the CDC, those who are 75 years of age or older have been shown to be eight times more likely to experience complications and hospitalization from COVID-19 and are 220 times more likely to succumb to the virus versus younger populations.  

Phase 1B is scheduled for implementation in mid-January, with the intent to reduce hospitalization of those most at risk and lighten the load on health care resources.

Restaurants Can Now Expand Their Outside Dining

Previously, restaurants within Arizona were unable to extend their outdoor seating. This resulted in increased wait times and loss of revenue for the businesses in the food service industry. In early December, Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order to ease restrictions for restaurants to allow them to extend their outdoor dining services and begin the path to recovery. 

7 Easy Steps to An Effective Recovery Plan

With the implementation of new regulations on establishments, we have compiled a list of steps a business owner should consider during their planning phase for this new stage.

  1. Define Your Business Strategy
  2. Identify Your Desired Talent
  3. Analyze the Talent Pool
  4. Conduct a Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  5. Perform a Gap Analysis
  6. Create an Action Plan
  7. Implementation/Challenges

Business owners should utilize their recovery plan to heighten their resilience to turbulence, and take advantage of wage subsidies and loan/grant options to shorten layoffs and hire employees. YAVAPAI@WORK is here to help connect employers with qualified job seekers. 

Interested in learning how we can assist with your recovery journey? Contact us at 928-778-1422 or visit our website for more information.