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Summer Youth Program 2021

Summer Youth Program

Summer jobs are a great for teenagers to gain new skills, build up their resume, and make some money. If you’re an Yavapai County youth ages 16-24 and you’re looking for a great job this summer, check out the Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) 2021 Summer Youth Employment Program!

Each job in the program starts as an 8-week position, but many can lead to permanent jobs. These aren’t just jobs flipping burgers either. These give experiences in career fields, develop new skills, and can help you complete your education and employment goals.

Why A Summer Job?

The benefits of a summer job as a teen go way beyond just monetary benefits, though it’s certainly not a benefit to dismiss. Additionally, there are a few different ways that employment can improve the lives of young adults:

  • It teaches skills like problem-solving and teamwork that will benefit in careers and throughout your life.
  • Summer jobs help teach responsibility and improve work ethic in preparation for the future.
  • Youth employed during the summer are more likely to see improvements in their community engagement and social skills.
  • Having a job at a young age help teach money lessons like budgeting, how taxes work, and how to wisely spend and save funds.

Summer jobs may have dropped somewhat in recent years, according to the Bureau of Labor. There are several potential reasons this may be, through either competition for positions or because many parents of this age group push summer school or volunteer work/internships because they believe they will be more impressive on college applications. However, most colleges treat these various summer activities about equally when considering applicants. What really sets summer jobs ahead is that they help prepare you for life as you enter the professional market scene.

Get Started Now

NACOG can help you find the summer job that’s right for you and will help you get on the road to success. Employment lasts from June to July with flexible start dates.

This program is open to all Yavapai County youth ages 16-24. Youth with a barrier to employment or education may be eligible. Apply now for your summer job! Building your resume / job experience starts now, apply today at yavapaiatwork.com, or call (928) 778-1422 for more information.