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Our 2021 Annual Report is Live!

Annual Report 2021

Patience is the ability to endure a long wait calmly or to deal with annoying problems without frustration. Many of the world’s “thinkers” have emphasized the importance of patience. For Aristotle, patience was bitter but the fruit it bore was sweet. For Tolstoy, it was one of the two most powerful warriors, with the other being time. And, for Lao Tzu it was one of the greatest treasures to have along with compassion and simplicity.

For the Yavapai County ARIZONA@WORK system, patience is a daily practice. Over the last program year, there have been significant changes to the workplace, to local economies, to home, and family. We are witnessing a severe and sudden shift in society, especially how it relates to the workplace.

Arizona reports major shifts in the labor force: in 2019 – 3,116,683 people in the labor force, shifting to 2,853,646 in 2020 (-8.4%), and an increase of 151,900 jobs in 2021 (+5.5%). While populations have shown a steady decline, the demand for workers is at an all-time high. Yavapai County Workforce Development Board works tirelessly to be innovative with our service delivery to meet the increased demand for workers and our partners have stepped up to make a positive difference as evidenced in this report.

Chairman Payne and I had the opportunity to attend a national workforce conference this year and the constant message was skills-based hiring. Employers need to take a second look at those applicants and realize an individual’s skill capacity – not their credentials. It was suggested that employers should delete references to Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees as a requirement for employment.

The available workforce is skilled, but maybe not credentialed. Several examples were presented at the conference where skills-based hiring out-paced hiring bonuses or other such incentives for worker attraction. Both Chairman Payne and I were amazed with the keynote speaker, Chef Jeff Henderson of Nevada. I won’t tell his story because I wouldn’t do him justice – but I would direct you to Google “Chef Jeff” to read his story, and I will encourage you to move toward skills-based hiring.

Patience is accomplished by managing expectations – that takes clear, consistent and constant communication. Be patient and be kind – that “just right” applicant will find their way to your door.
Cheers to another amazing performance year for the Yavapai County ARIZONA@WORK team!

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